Wednesday, September 02, 2015

What's Your Company's WHY

How important is the WHY? Simon Sinek wrote about Starting with Why. Jim Collins wrote about companies lasting and becoming great. These companies had a BHAG - big, hairy, audacious goal - or a Purpose, A Why.

I pointed out the article about why you need a mission statement. Now Fred has some more insight into the reason you need a mission to Retain Talent.

Fred writes, "I’ve been told over the years that the number one reason employees leave a company for another job is that they don’t know where the company is headed and they don’t know what their role in that roadmap is."

You need a clear vision and to communicate this to your company often. (And it isn't all just talk - you have to live it, act it, too.)

In goal setting,the why is as important as the how. Without the why, there isn't much motivation. Motivation is what drives us.

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