Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Interesting Tidbits (Part 2921)

Here are some interesting tidbits and articles (if you have the time to read them).

This article is on the next FCC spectrum auction.

The Connect American Fund (CAF) and the $9 Billion to fund rural broadband (from TheHill blog)

An interview with Mike Oeth of OnSIP on planning, deploying and other thoughts on Hosted VoIP. Good insight into Hosted VoIP.

Why Data Beats Talent in Sales Development. A long view of data in sales. I don’t agree with the whole article, but I do understand that good data on the leads can result in better closure rate. Also, a highly targeted list can mean a more specific offer that will appeal to that target. Messaging is easier with the more detail you have. But more detail is not always available.

Three Numbers to Check in Sales by Spiro: Average deal size; Win rate; Opportunities created per week.

Hiring Tips for salespeople (and if you need help with this, give me a call).

3 Reasons Your Company Will Fail Without A Mission Statement

VoIP Survey results. If you want a full VoIP Market review, click here.

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