Thursday, September 03, 2015

AT&T Automated Annoyance

My suggestion going forward is NEVER buy managed routers from AT&T. Never!

It is an automated message that calls to say there is an open ticket. Not when Ma Bell opens the ticket. Two days later.

How do they identify the circuit? By IP Address! Very helpful (not!) How about a state to narrow it down.

The automated call allows NO WAY to close the ticket or update the status of the ticket. It does ask if you are the person who needs to know. If you say NO, they reply, "Please tell that person." How annoying!

Ma Bell now follows up calls with emails with a little more detail -- but still no customer name. It directs you to Business Direct Express Ticketing. What a misnomer! It takes at least 2 status entries to close a ticket.

They never roll a truck. A human has only called once -- when the ticket was open for 5 days.

Never again. I'll buy the router and lease it to you if you need one.

No idea how other carriers handle this since most of my sales have been AT&T Bandwidth. Level3 and tw telecom handle it with a human. Imagine that!

If you need bandwidth or colocation or any circuit, RAD-INFO quotes from over 50 carriers. 813-963-5884 the circuit hotline!

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