Monday, July 06, 2015

More Giga News from Mass, NYC

To follow up on questions from the blog last week on Gigabit Broadband projects, here is one from Massachusetts and one from NYC.

Wired West is a project in Western Massachusetts started in 2011 by 32 towns. The website is to get 40% of each town pre-signed before deployment. This is a 100 Mbps offering (to Gigabit) on a muni network. Engadget has a good read about it. This isn't Google-esque marketing, but then not much is.

In NYC, the Economic Develeopment Corp is putting up $5M to bring broadband to business zones. "Through the Connect IBZ program, Stealth Communications* will build a fiber optic network in the Southwest Brooklyn IBZ, and will work with NYCEDC and members of the community to determine a site for an outdoor wireless network that will be free to the public."

Another project will be handled by Xchange Telecom, which "will create a fiber core, fixed-wireless edge broadband network in the Long Island City, North Brooklyn, and Greenpoint-Williamsburg IBZs, enabling customers to receive service from network hubs wirelessly via rooftop-mounted equipment."

*Stealth is an ISP in NYC that used to run the Voice Peering Fabric. Now running fiber all over NYC.

Lessons from Gigabit by C.Spire.

If you are rolling out your own fiber, give RAD-INFO INC a call at 813-963-5884 for a boost in sales and penetration.

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