Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Performance-Planning Grid

Yesterday I was surprised by a potential client's reaction to usage of my time. I had to take a step back to reply. It obviously means that I have not explained my value clearly enough.

When you engage RAD-INFO INC, you get my years of experience working with over 65 service providers of all sizes - from 1 person shops to multi-million dollar nationwide CLECs to billion dollar cable companies.

Successful Projects for my clients have included network design, hiring, branding, messaging, product launch, switch/vendor vetting, sales training, best practices, channel sales, social media, online marketing, direct mail, email marketing, sales, strategy, tactics, ideas, end-to-end organization evaluation and more.

Many think that it is the ideas that people want from me. No. Ideas are a commodity. Clients mainly pay for a plan and execution of those ideas.

I saw this Tom Peters slide on the Performance-Planning Grid. When you hire RAD-INFO INC, you get the upper right quadrant. Good planning, Good execution. You join the elite.

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