Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So Much Going on at FCC

The FCC has a lot of issues in front of it - CAF, TDM-to-IP transition, Net Neutrality / Open Internet, Wi-Fi, Rural Broadband, spectrum allocation, and a number of mergers. They will screw up a number of these despite the comments and input they seek.

Comcast Spends $110k On Award Dinner For FCC Commissioner, Doesn’t See Why Anyone Thinks That’s A Problem. Mignon Clyburn is the commish in charge of the Comcast-TWC merger review. So the 2 cablecos paid for a dinner to get her an award.


Over 1 Million comments have been received by the FCC about keeping the internet open! Look at the responses visually at NPR. BTW, over 4300 of them contained a F-bomb.

And just as important (to me), the FCC may repeal NFL blackouts. [source] In an article about the renovations at stadiums around the nation, the fight for seats isn't so much about ticket prices as it is about comfort (customer experience). The NFL is fighting people to get off their own sofa. With big screen TV's, wi-fi, snacks and cheaper drinks, people would rather stay home to watch the game than go to the stadium. [It is also the problem movie theaters face.] In the end, if it isn't a necessity, then it becomes about user experience. The Bucs need to add more wi-fi to their stadium.

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