Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rural Broadband, Coops and E-Rate Changes Make the News

Electric Co-ops are building Rural Broadband Networks, according to BBP.

Study: Broadband Boosts Rural Jobs, Income

“We found that rural counties that did a good job of adopting broadband had higher rates of income growth and lower rates of unemployment growth,” said Brian Whitacre, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension economist, and leader of the study group. [source]

"As the FCC looks at the Connect America Fund (CAF) for rate-of-return carriers, it is reviewing if it should increase the broadband speed target for USF support, and should it adjust support in areas served by an un-subsidized or qualifying competitors (like WISPs)

The Duopoly is making noise about GigaBit Broadband. [See the map here.] C-Link, AT&T, VZ, Google and now CinBell have announced GigaBit Broadband. [CinBell announcement here.]

And let's not forget C Spire who announced that they are making Silicon South. Huh?

If you are winning business, do you submit press releases like this? You should. (I can help)

Order Modernizing E-rate Program Effective September 18

The FCC published in the Federal Register on August 19, 2014, the Report and Order on modernizing the E-rate program to support robust Wi-Fi networks in schools and libraries. The Order maintains E-rate’s current budget of $2.4 billion (adjusted by inflation) and makes available an additional $2 billion to support Wi-Fi over the next two years. The Order is effective September 18, 2014.

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