Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Mega-Mergers Update

So the Rural Telcos told the FCC: Reject Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger:

"The proposed $69.8 billion combination would create a mammoth entity with unprecedented market power that would stymie facilities-based video competition throughout the country, harming consumers and the public interest," declared the ITTA (Independent Telephone and Telecommunications Alliance), in a 19-page petition filed Monday with the FCC." [source]

AT&T went quietly to the DOJ to get approval for Ma Bell eating DirecTV. Meanwhile, DTV renewed its Sunday ticket with the NFL for $1.4B!!!

Cbeyond is now Birch. Their booth at ITEXPO even had Birch written in via a green marker.

Bets are being placed on how long before Level3 messes with tw telecom's network like they did with Global Crossing's network. More notice and thoughtfulness should go into this decision.

Amazon spent almost $1B to buy Twitch, which is where people watch videos of other people playing video games. Yeah that coach surfing moment happened.

Google bought Zinc, a special effects company. They are getting into movies now?

And Google bought Emu. "Emu was at heart an IM client, but it differentiated itself from the crowded market with smart features that incorporated a virtual assistant not unlike Siri to automate tasks based on your conversations," writes TC.

Burger King is merging with Tim Hortons.

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