Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Marketing is Everything

"When you have no money for marketing, everything you do is marketing," founder of the Geek Squad said, Robert Stephens.

"Robert Stephens said he's glad he didn't have any money when he started 20 years ago because he would've been tempted to hire marketing and public relations firms to develop his company's imagery and culture rather than finding the right notes organically." [He spoke at LaunchFest in NOLA]

Most of my projects in the last two years have been about Marketing - telling the company story to position services against a crowded marketplace. This sometimes involved identifying the best customers. We worked on a re-branding project that involved a lot of touch points. Marketing is everything from logo, website, collateral to what your sales people say, to how technicians dress and act, to how you answer the phone and handle customer service. marketing is every touch of the customer.

BTW, for those of you worrying about Facebook and other social media sites: be on the one site that most of your customers use, but realize that social platforms are out to make money. Hence, why Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort are back to basics with blog, websites and email. Read why here.

What is your marketing plan?

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