Thursday, May 08, 2014

Net Neutrality and Peering

Good, quick read on politics, net neutrality, closing the FCC and how broadband is tied to job creation on my TMC blog.

The NYT is reporting that one of the Dem FCC commissioners is asking for a delay on FCC CHair Wheeler's new Net Neutrality Rules. That likely means no consensus. That's great .

Congress punted on net neutrality, and FCC's O'Rielly missed it.

A solution to the Peering Problem by Betanews - kick them out if they won't play ball! Regulating Peering would be a cluster; but Peering is one of the founding principles of the Internet.

Level3 has 51 peers that connect it to 43,000 networks. Of those 51, only 6 are congested. This blog from L3 is a good read about inter-connection today.

BTW, the tech giants have written to the FCC about Net Neutrality. "Net neutrality has been called “the free speech issue of our time” due to its importance to keep a steady balance between control and freedom. " It isn't just about freedom; it is about the economy, jobs and Innovation.

One more update: 50 VC's (venture capitalists) wrote an open letter to the FCC about Net Neutrality and keeping the Internet open.

A video explaining the current Net Neutrality situation.

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