Sunday, February 23, 2014

Selling Hosted VoIP Services to Businesses

It seems like everyone is offering Hosted VoIP services in the US. Not many are Selling it though.

If you are lowering your price or offering Hosted VoIP as just a POTS line replacement, are you really SELLING or just taking orders?

SIP Trunking is what cable sells a lot of, so does IntelePeer and many other service providers, because they accept that they are just offering up a VoIP replacement for POTS or PRI. That's why SIP Trunks are cheap. It's a commodity. Period.

Now add features that benefit productivity or mobility and you can have a conversation with your prospects and customers about the benefits of Hosted PBX or UC. Join this webinar on March 26th at Noon Eastern time to learn tip sand tricks on selling Hosted VoIP. Just $19.95 per attendee. Register Now!!!

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