Monday, February 24, 2014

Building Out Fiber to the Premise

Fiber to the Home (FTTH), fiber to the Business (FTTB), fiber to the tower (FTT) and fiber to the MTU - all are projects that FISPA members have underway currently. There were a number of case studies about fiber build projects presented by members, including David Snyder @ VOLState/RevTel; Carson Coffman @ Socket.Net; Marvin Golden @ City of Thomasville; and Chuck Hogg @ Shelby Broadband. [Join FISPA and you can get access to this knowledge base.]

Kansas Fiber Network presented while also plugging IRIS, the Tennessee fiber network. Both networks are owned by the independent telcos in the state. Both are middle mile providers, who happen to go after the same anchor tenants - government, hospitals, schools - as any fiber provider (middle or last mile).

Main thing to remember about building fiber is to have an anchor tenant, who will pay for all or most of it with an ROI of under 36 months.

The Shelby BB prezo went over every cost that Chuck could think of. That was extremely valuable to those members contemplating a fiber project. It's always good to know what the costs are expected to be - even if surprises pop up along the way. Marvin also listed his costs. It was a must attend if you want to do a fiber build.

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