Sunday, February 23, 2014

Selling Fat Pipe

At the FISPA meeting in Nashville this past week, there were several members presenting on how their fiber projects - fiber to the home; fiber to the business location; fiber to schools, to cell towers, to business parks and to multi-tenant buildings (like apartments). There was supposed to be a panel about How to Sell Fat Pipe but that ended up just being a pitch from 2 carriers. So I decided to do a webinar on How to Sell Fat Pipes. On March 12th March 11th (now) at Noon Eastern time for just $19.95 per attendee, you and your salespeople can get some good tips on how to sell big Ethernet circuits in an interactive 45 minute webinar.

I kind of wrote the book on selling into Lit Buildings.

Invest in your salespeople with this webinar. Register now!

Seth Godin wrote a blog about the number 1 element for a sale: TRUST.

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