Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So You Don't Sell Storage

In this article about Dropbox and cloud services including storage, there are some interesting numbers. "With over 100,000,000 users, a valuation in the billions of dollars, and investment in excess of $250 million, Dropbox remains a force to be reckoned with." Many of those 100M users also use Box, Google’s Drive, Apple’s iCloud and Amazon’s CloudDrive. That means there is hope to selling a user friendly, easy-to-use cloud storage service. The numbers say it all.

Why do people use Dropbox? We use it to share files between my office and my partners or clients in other states.

Others that have a personal iPad but a work Dell can share files at home from work.

Want B2B reasons? "'enterprise Dropbox’ offerings like Oxygen Cloud, Egnyte and GroupLogic are snapping at [Dropbox]’s heels with a raft of CIO-friendly capabilities around audit, permissions, and more."

What more can I say? Go sell some file storage!

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