Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Decemeber Tomorrow

Tomorrow is December 1st, the last month of the fourth quarter, the last month of the year. It is time for the year in review and planning sessions for 2013.

Do you have strategic meetings with your key stakeholders? VoIP Innovations has a 3 day summit to discuss strategy and goals for the coming year plus review what the past year was like.

Every year I hold a webinar on Goal Setting. This year it will be on Tuesday, December 18th at 1 PM Eastern. It's less than $20!

Do you want to have the best year ever? Then let's set some goals for you and your team -- and put in place some action items for your team to actually hit the goals!

Don't want to get on the webinar? Okay. Run your own meeting with my slides from slideshare.
One of my best posts about Goal Setting.

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