Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Another Miami Data Center

News today that EarthLink will build out a data center in Miami. Since ELNK is going big into Cloud - who isn't - data centers are needed to house all the gear. However, Miami already has a bunch of data centers - the Terremark NAP, Data Vault, Coresite, Colohouse, QTS, Vault Networks, DRT @ 36 NE 2nd Street, Miami Connect, IIS, Telefonica, PEER1, L3, XO, Equinix, TELX, Cogent, Digiport, East 1 and FortaTrust. That is just Miami!!! Not Ft. Lauderdale or the bunch up in Boca.

If you are looking for data center space, we rep about 400 sites - give us a call at 813-963-5884 including TELX and ViaWest.

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