Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Some Sales Objections to Use

Atlantic ACM says that M2M, Business FTTx and Business VoIP represent the telecom industry's top three growth products by compound annual growth rate (CAGR). I see that cellular machine-to-machine sales will grow like VoIP, since analysts always say it is growing. since sales are presently relatively a small percentage of overall cellular and voice sales, yeah, they will grow.

Fiber to the business will be huge for cable and CLEC's like twt that are willing to build out. Like fiber to the tower (FTT), the only fiber provider to a building is a huge winner.

On the VoIP side of things, here is an article about
Five Reasons Why Hosted PBX Makes Good Business Sense. Scalability, DR/BC and the mobility parts I totally get. TCO and IT exhaust are only marginal. It is really about the productivity.

In this article, Three major threats to the cloud, I can see how metered bandwidth will be an issue especially on mobile devices and from home workers. However, independent ISP's and business terrestrial broadband are not metered.

Data ownership should be clearly spelled out in the agreement and security is an issue most ignore and everyone is subject to.

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