Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Look at a Google Suite

I sat down with NeoNova Network Services yesterday. NeoNova is a Google Apps for SMB's provider. It got me thinking.

So NeoNova sets up the SMB on Google Apps including G+, Google Drive and Google Voice. The SMB also gets VZ's VCE offering - Broadsoft Hosted PBX for SMB with Google integration. then I saw that VoIP Supply just rolled out Obihai's ATA's with built-in Google Voice.

Add in Batch Book or Insightly for CRM in Google and that business is in the cloud and ready to go.

An agent would get paid on the broadband, cell phones, 4G data card, VZ VCE seats, NeoNova Google Apps, and a little for the ATA. Just a thought for ISP's struggling for a new direction.


According to Backupify, "Google Apps is used by more than 40 million people and a whopping 5,000 businesses are signing up for Google Apps EVERY day! Thus it would appear that – despite what some anti-cloud, anti-Saas pundits tell you – a large number of people are perfectly comfortable letting Google store their data. No surprise there, as our own internal research shows that Google has never lost any Google Apps data."

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