Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cold Calling Tips

Thanks to Jason for sending me a couple of articles from INC magazine about Cold Calling.

Cold Calling Script: Make a Call That Works: "This script was created by a cost-reduction company for use with C-level executives and can easily be adapted to virtually any product or service." The script comes from Keith Rosen, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold-Calling, who was my sales coach for a while.

Getting Past 'No': How to Move a Cold Call Forward is a bunch of scripts for taking the NO on a cold call forward. They are very good and come from Barry Rhein.

From Gigaom comes 4 keys to selling to enterprise customers. These are how I interpret them:

(1) How are you perceived in the market? is really asking What's your Brand or Reputation? (2) What channels are you using for sales? (3) How long is the sales cycle? (4) What are the pitfalls? Follow up: How easy is it to buy from you?

IN part one of the enterprise sales, the questions are the same ones I ask you.

(1) How much innovation do you need? How how are you packaging that? What are you doing that is UNIQUE?

(2) Who are you selling to?

(3) How are you training customers? especially for Cloud and Hosted PBX.

(4) What level of customer support do you offer? I hear everyone complain about Google -- it's nearly free but no support - yet so many use them (including me for this blog).

Remember: You are NOT selling to everyone! Everyone is not your Prospect. You will spend a lot of time, money and effort thinking (and acting) on that foolish notion. Qualified Prospects are people that have a need for your product; have the budget for it; and want to buy it from you. "It seems to me that you should only care about the opinion of those that are actually open to buying [from you]," Seth Godin.

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