Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vonage Wants DID's

Vonage wants direct access to numbering from NANPA. I guess they don't want to be a CLEC. Vonage presses its case for direct access to numbering resources for VoIP services.

It is funny that L3 and would argue against this waiver, since they are big vendors of Vonage. At the FCC, they "argued that a rule waiver would be "discriminatory" since it would generally afford "carrier rights to certain non-carriers that do not also shoulder carrier obligations." I agree.

The petition before the FCC Common Carrier Bureau is "Vonage Holdings Corp. Petition for Limited Waiver of Section 52.15(g)(2)(i) of the Commission's Rules Regarding Access to Numbering Resources"CC Docket No. 99-200(March 4, 2005).

The Vonage FCC ex parte notice

the CLEC opposition

the NARUC resolution.

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