Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SMB IP Comm Bundles by WIND

You know how I harp about the Bundle? Well, Windstream was listening because WIND starting offering the "Professional Bundle for Small Businesses"

For a flat monthly fee, the Windstream Professional Bundle includes business-class Internet and unlimited phone service, 24×7 computer repair and replacement of broken components, Internet security (virus and data protection), online backup of critical business data, as well as a 3-page custom built website for the customer and one hour of monthly design services for maintenance, updates and edits by Windstream’s web experts. It also comes with OneList web address submission to more than 40 online directories and GPS navigation systems—such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Oh, Mobile website design and support, too.

Besides the Metaswitch powered Hosted PBX offering called Total Office, Windstream is rolling out a Managed IP-PBX called Windstream IP Simple. "It is a Managed Unified Communications solution, offering businesses the opportunity to leverage an award-winning Allworx phone system to enhance VoIP and data communications. There’s no upfront capital expense for your business and Windstream will own and manage the phone system equipment for you."

"Windstream’s hybrid ILEC/CLEC approach remains rather unique, and they are taking aim at the soft SMB underbelly of their larger incumbent neighbors."

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