Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sales and Advertising Tidbits

Great article from Cliff about "12 Tips to Close End of Year Sales Fast". My top 3 tips are as follows:

1. Upsell and Cross-Sell other items to increase ARPU, total telecom spend and stickkiness.

2. Go Get Referrals or Testimonials!

3. Talk to your top clients.

Gary Vee says, "Take a look at any five people while you’re driving. Three out of four are texting while driving. It’s scary. So people aren’t looking at billboards. They’re not even watching the road." It's the changing face of marketing.

Companies like Freshbooks and Gary Vee's Wine store have used social media information to connect with customers, say thank you and earn more business - without selling.

Should you be on twitter or facebook? If your customers are, then yes. Most telcos are on twitter for customer support and PR.

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