Monday, November 14, 2011

Open Internet Compliance Statement

This is from the Law Office of Kristopher E. Twomey, P.C. [1725 I Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006 * phone 202.681.1850 * fax 202.517.9175]

Open Internet Compliance Statement

the Law Office of Kristopher E. Twomey has made an arrangement with FISPA to present a low-cost method for complying with the FCC's Open Internet rules. For non-FISPA members, the cost of the service is $500. [Much lower for FISPA members, join now! Tell them RAD-INFO referred you!]

The FCC's rules require that all ISP's publish an Open Internet Compliance Statement on their websites by November 21, 2011. The rules can be found here. Your document must address a variety of issues necessary for consumers to make informed choices such as congestion management principles; application blocking or traffic prioritization; security measures; privacy policies; speeds/associated cost of service; and complaint procedures.

In order to purchase this service, Join FISPA first! [Go ahead I'll wait... hmmmm...]

Then please click the PayPal link. After payment is confirmed, the Law Office of Kristopher E. Twomey will send an engagement letter to prepare the compliance statement and a survey to gather information about how your ISP deals with the issues that must be disclosed.

After your ISP returns the completed survey, the Law Office of Kristopher E. Twomey will work that material into a template that LOKT has developed and return it to you for posting. As such, every ISP that uses this service will receive a customized Open Internet Compliance Statement prepared by a telecom lawyer with fifteen years of experience."

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