Monday, November 21, 2011

At the End of the Year

I hope 2011 has been good to you. I hope that you hit your revenue goals and had some growth.

How did that happen?

Think about that so that you can duplicate it in 2012.

If you didn't have a good year, there's still time to hit those goals. Here are some tips.

There's even time to register for my Goal Setting webinar. I am going to leave you with some thoughts from Seth Godin.

"How does your organization respond to new opportunities? ... Most companies launch new things, try out new initiatives, brainstorm new approaches. The internal response (or reaction) to these ventures is a cultural choice."

"Are you going to succeed because you return emails a few minutes faster, tweet a bit more often and stay at work an hour longer than anyone else? ... It seems to me that you will succeed because you confronted and overcame anxiety and the lizard brain better than anyone else. Perhaps because you overcame inertia and actually got significantly better at your craft, even when it was uncomfortable because you were risking failure. When you increase your discernment, maximize your awareness of the available options and then go ahead and ship work that scares others... that's when you succeed." In a nutshell, Seth is writing about taking action. Try something new - like a cold call or a new product launch or a new partnership. When Seth says ship something, he means take action. It doesn't have to be perfect - like many of my blog posts - but it has to get put out there. No one can buy the idea or the product until it is outside your head and in the market. Right?

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