Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sales is Morphing in to Conversations

There's a study out about Social CRM - the interaction of businesses with their customers through social networks. Connected Planet thinks that telcos need to get social. DUH! Customer service at the ILEC's is dismal. But you need to take advantage of that.

The techies know that they can ping most of the carriers - XO, BHN, Qwest, AT&T - on twitter for faster service.

Are you interacting with your clients on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, an online community, IM/chat?

It's all about the conversations. I can tell you stories about Zappos and Freshbooks and Grasshopper Group, where their employees stalk customers online - building a loyal following and raving fans, which create referrals for hot leads. This activity also generates stories. Stories are what go viral. (Not the videos themselves, but the stories that the video tells.) And stories are conversations. Conversations are what lead to sales. See the circle?

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