Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The INC5000 Telecom Sector 2011

Fellow FISPA member Aeneas made the INC 5000 list with a 2011 rank of #4880. From 2007 to 2010, the audited revenue went from $6M to $6.4M.

Callis Comm., a FISPA member and Cloud Communications Alliance founder, is in at #2184 with $7.7M in revenue, up from $3.6M in 2007.

Stage 2 is another Cloud Comm Alliance member that made the ranks at #2459 with $4.9M in revenue in 2010, double the revenue of 2007.

Telesphere is also a CCA member that came in at 2011 rank of #965 due to $21.5M in Hosted UC revenue! That's a big jump from $5M in 2007.

M5 says 2010 was $32M, but maybe they didn't have Geckotech revenue that would have bumped it to almost $40M.

Hosted VoIP firms are all over the telecom sector. IP5280 is at #909 with $7.1M.

Aptela is #4156 with but they just merged with Vocalocity (see here), which changes everything for them. According to NPRG, "Eight-year-old Vocalocity, which had roughly 11,000 customers and 150 employees, grew by about a third with the addition of Aptela’s roughly 4000 customers and 40 employees (including one important gain in particular: Aptela’s CTO and founder, Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya, who is now CTO of Vocalocity). ... The new improved Vocalocity, with nearly 15,000 customers, should have annual revenue somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 million, which means the price just went up for anyone looking to buy the company." they will be climbing the INC5000 next year.

IBBS acquired SinglePipe and shows up at #2668 with $37M in revenue from triple-play white label services to tier 2 and 3 cablecos.

TelePacific, a new TCA vendor member, is on the list with $463M in revenue, which should grow due to 4 acquisitions including Covad's Nextweb (fixed wireless), Telekenex (Hosted VoIP and fiber network), OCIX (data center), and Tel West (CLEC).

Masergy makes the list with $97.5M in MPLS based revenue, but got acquired by ABRY.

Two telecom brokerages made the list: my pal GCN and PlanetOne.

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