Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Cloud Bandwidth Usage Debate

This is an excellent article about how the Cloud is going to (adversely) affect the ISP network.

"Charlie Douglas, a spokesman for Comcast, said, “More than 99 percent of our customers don’t even come close to using 250 gigabytes of data in a month. Nationwide, our customers’ median data usage is four to six gigabytes a month. Two hundred fifty gigabytes is an extraordinary amount of data and equivalent to downloading 62,500 songs or uploading 25,000 hi-res photos.""

Another interesting stat about Netflix: "Netflix HD movie consumes about 1 gigabyte to 1.5 gigabytes of data per hour. You would have to watch 166 to 250 hours of HD movies a month to hit the bandwidth cap. That’s about 80 screenings of The Big Lebowski"

So as we go cloud for everything from data to entertainment to shopping - mobile and terrestrial - what do you do about the fact that bandwidth usage is just going to continue to grow?

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