Friday, September 30, 2011

Logging Your Cell Phone Activity

How long does your cellphone company keep logs of your text messages?

According to these 3 articles in the Consumerist, WIRED, and INC mag, "A 2010 Justice Department memo that was recently discovered shows just how much sensitive data phone providers keep. From IP addresses to call logs to text messages and surfing habits, U.S. telecoms house a startling amount of data—often for a long time."

"AT&T hold onto text message details the longest, at 5-7 years for post-paid. Verizon is the shortest, at 1 year rolling."

"Verizon is the only company that keeps the content of those messages."

Privacy is such a thing of the past. And how much info will they hold on to for the government in exchange for more spectrum?

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