Friday, September 30, 2011

Ethernet NNI's

While there are Ethernet Exchange POP's in places like TELX, where carriers can inter-connect to different carriers for Ethernet access, one CLEC is bridging the gap with Ethernet network-to-network interfaces. This is similar to NNI's that used to connect Frame Relay systems and Frame Relay to ATM architectures. Now it connects Ethernet networks.

Mammoth spent the summer inking agreements and completing interfaces with carriers to integrate their Ethernet reach into our Aggregation hubs. By utilizing Mammoth, you have the luxury of using AboveNet on one end of a circuit, and a CenturyLink loop on the other. Best of all, Mammoth is the single point of support and billing. The carriers include:

• 360networks • ACT (WY) • AKN (CAN) • AboveNet • Black Rock Cable (WA) • CCT (CO) • CenturyLink E-Line • CenturyLink MOE • CenturyLink Wave • Cogent • Comcast ENS • Cox • Enventis (MN) • FPL FiberNet • Frontier • Hurricane Electric • Iowa Networks Services (IA) • LS Networks (OR) • Lightower • Nebraska Link (NE) • NoaNet (WA) • Noel Communications • Pinpoint Network Solutions(NE) • SRP Telecom (AZ) • Syringa Networks (ID) • tw Telecom • TeliaSonera • Tinet • US Signal • Utopia (UT) • Vision Net (MT) • XO Communications • Zayo (including AFS and AGL assets)

Looking for a quote? Give RAD-INFO INC a call for Ethernet circuits, other transport, Internet bandwidth and any telecom need you have. 813-963-5884.

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