Thursday, April 07, 2011

TRS Even for You

The FCC had a day on VoIP yesterday. It was supposed to handle the INter-Carrier Compensation issue but since that is too hot of a potato, they went after TRS (telecom relay service).

These 2 announcements from the FCC:

STRUCTURE AND PRACTICES OF THE VIDEO RELAY SERVICE PROGRAM. FCC Moves Forward With Comprehensive Reforms to Eliminate Abuses and Ensure Viability of Video Relay Service. (Docket # 10-51 and FCC No. 11-54).

IMPLEMENTATION OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY COMMUNICATIONS AND VIDEO ACCESSIBILITY ACT OF 2010, SECTION 105, RELAY SERVICES FOR DEAF-BLIND INDIVIDUALS. FCC Acts To Ensure That Deaf-Blind Individuals Have Access To 21st Century Communications Technologies. (Docket No. 10-210 and FCC No. 11-56).

It's just one more government mandate for VoIP, since VoIP is the PSTN.

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