Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hiring IT People

Corey Potts from VoIP Innovations and I presented on Hiring at the Service Provider Summit in Orlando. You can view the slides on slideshare.

This article came from an associate about How to hire IT people.

The key is in the job description. All your employees should write their own job description now. Just so you have them. You should review them with each employee also to get an idea what they think their job is and what you think it is. (It will vary.)

Besides job description, there is that wish list of skills for the position. I have seen them so long that no one fits. You want to disqualify candidates but you will just disqualify the good candidates if you are too over the top.

Next comes Where To Find People To Hire. A couple of places: your current employees; your vendors; and networking.

What do you do with the Resumes? Screen. Screen. Screen.

Hire Slow. Fire Fast.

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