Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tidbits During March Storms

In the IBISWorld survey, wireline telecom is in free fall. Interesting stat: "At year-end 2010, AT&T reported that 83% of its property, plant and equipment were owned by its wireline subsidiaries with the other 17% was owned by its wireless subsidiaries." Smart to shift the debt and OPEX to the subsidiary that will be sloughed off. The interesting thing for ILEC's is that they take a long term view of winning. The whole CLEC strategy has played out well for them.

Google picks Kansas City for high speed broadband network via Google Fiber in 2012, according to GOOG blog.

Tele-Pacific was hit by a DDoS attack that shut down their VoIP service on March 24-25. Now the FBI is investigating.

SalesForce developed Chatter to be more social and add social widgets to the CRM platform. Now SF have bought Radian6 for $276M. Radian6 is a system that collects data from social sites and is used for social reputation management. Social CRM is growing, especially in the Contact Center space.

StarView and VoIP Supply partnered for turn-key VoIP. Starview is mainly a wholesale OSS for VoIP (and could be a replacement for DASH CS for those that don't want to work with

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