Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unleashing Global Opportunities

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski at the Aspen IDEA Project in Brussels, Belgium presented on "The Cloud: Unleashing Global Opportunities".

The Big Question: How did Egypt come to have an Internet and mobile service worth shutting down in the first place?

Point # 2: "Economic history has shown that free flows of information and data can enable unprecedented economic opportunity – productivity gains, contributions to GDP, and job creation." So basically, when the Duopoly holds consumers hostage with metered bandwidth, bandwidth caps, walled gardens and meager bandwidth at not-so-meager rates, the Duopoly is actively squeezing our economic development.

Point # 3: "The advent of cloud computing, with its ability to enable collaboration in ways no other technology has before, can multiply the benefits of a free and open Internet."

Point # 4: "We have a global broadband adoption gap. About one-third of Americans don’t subscribe to broadband today, either because they can’t afford it, they lack the skills to use it effectively, or they don’t see its relevance." How can you even get a job today without rudimentary computer skills?

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