Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Tidbits from TechRepublic

Here are some nuggets from TechRepublic that I thought would be of interest.

The Need For Profitability and Cost Management: "As indirect costs rise and economic pressures increase, the need for profitability and cost management (PCM) also grows. Read this white paper.

IPv6 rundown for software-based storage systems: "Deciding to move internal storage systems to IPv6 brings up several considerations, one of which is whether it is even supported." BTW: Consumer broadband devices are NOT IPv6 ready, which means swapping out a lot of devices. It's Y2K all over again!! (the hardware vendors are happy!)

Pop Quiz: Basic FTP commands. Can you remember FTP commands?

Five tips for optimizing Hyper-V. (I had to include something from Microsoft, since my buddies over at Microsoft Tampa Bay promised me drinks. Besides Cbeyond bought MaximumASP, which as it turns out was a Hyper-V shop.

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