Monday, April 11, 2011

A Lot is Happening

Lots of ISP's have Broadband Stimulus projects in the works. Others are working with the local EDC (Economic Development Council) or Chamber on public-private FTTB projects. Congrats! (And that gives me projects for marketing!)

Meanwhile Level3 is acquiring Global Crossing for about $3B. I'm not even sure why L3 is taking GC off the chess board. I would have knocked off Cogent. Oh, well.

XO CEO, Carl Grivner, resigned for personal reasons, which I take to mean Icahn said leave. No idea what Icahn wants with XO, since he hasn't done anything with it.

I have been having Branding conversations lately, so you might want to ponder this post.

My pal Wiggy sent me this event that ThinkTel is doing. Nice marketing copy.

I think I want this Grandstream Android phone. My Aastra 35i CT has been freezing up lately. The DECT went through two batteries in less than a year and became worthless. I need an IP phone with a speakerphone and a cordless attachment (bluetooth or what-have-you).

You know DISH Networks bought Blockbuster, right? And that Echostar bought Hughes?

I spoke with Nexogy's CMO about marketing Hosted PBX. Take a listen here.

My podcast with VAR CEO Dan Williams has gotten a lot of traffic.

Finally, some advice from someone else: March Madness: Believe In Yourself and Your Services. "As we put a wrap on the first quarter of 2011, how did your first quarter go? Did it go according to plan, what adjustments did you have to make or will have to make the rest of 2011? ... I would agree; ultimately, you motivate yourself by the deep-seated belief that you can make it happen, regardless of what others might say....that aligns exactly to our business model: We’re not the biggest, we simply outperform and deliver, and I believe that."

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