Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is It So Hard To Understand?

So a security company contacted me through my website to have me sell their security products to the ISP space. I called them back and he went into a pitch. I stopped him to ask, "What's in it for the ISP? I get what's in it for your company, but it's very likely that the ISP already has a similar product in place, so why should they switch?" The answer was startling, "Better leadership in the Industry." Okay.

Next was "Our product keeps a clean PC clean with a guarantee when using the Internet Security Product." I explained that ISP's, even Windstream and VZ, don't want to install software on the consumer PC because it means they will own any problems with the computer. (That's why they charge $10 per month for the service, even though it costs $30 for each tech support call). Plus some ISP's make extra income cleaning computers.

So how about the Live PC Support product? 24/7/365 via live chat like LivePerson. There is also a bevy of retail products that will be in Wal-Mart soon. (If Wal-Mart is selling them, how does an ISP make $$?)

I asked about the their VPN service. It is an ad hoc VPN set up via peer-to-peer to allow file transfers and remote access.

Finally, the company has a backup service too. But even he had to admit that it is playing catchup to Mozy and Carbonite. Carbonite launched a Channel Program. Mozy has an API for white label. (Cbeyond uses Mozy).

What products and services are you offering?

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