Thursday, October 14, 2010

Leadership Series

For those of you who missed Broadvox VP of Marketing, David Byrd, talk about Leadership at the FISPA Meeting in New Orleans, here is the blog post.

David "acknowledged that most of these business owners and managers know a thing or two about leading. However, did they have a clear idea as to where they wanted to lead their companies or organizations?"

Most try to be the Price Leader but that's not realistic. Being a Service Leader or a Quality Leader is possible, although when you don't control the network that gets difficult. (Leaders don't point fingers at the ILEC).

FISPA's executive director decided to start this Leadership series in Tunica when we heard from Brian Worthen, CEO of Mammoth Networks, talking about what the CEO's job is for an ISP/CLEC. There weren't many that heard how Mammoth started as a BBS like many of the ISP's. Then grew to dial-up and DSL. Mammoth is preparing for the worst to happen to the wholesale DSL model by moving up the stack past T1 to Ethernet. It was an interesting talk and Brian, like David, is a great guy.

Don't miss the Leadership series as it continues in Orlando.

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