Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inter-Connected VoIP and LNP

LNP rules Federal Communications Commission FCC 10-85

Called local number portability (LNP), the ability to transfer a familiar number to a new carrier enhances competition by enabling a consumer to choose a service provider based on his or her needs, without being deterred by the inconveniences of having to change his or her phone number. Last May, the Commission ordered telephone service providers to reduce the time they take to transfer a customer’s telephone number to another provider from four business days to one, and set in motion a process to make that possible.2 This Order completes the task of facilitating prompt transfers by standardizing the data to be exchanged when transferring a customer’s telephone number between two wireline providers; a wireline and wireless provider; or an interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider and any other service provider.3 We also adopt recommendations made to the Commission by the North American Numbering Council (NANC). The deadline for implementing one-business day porting is August 2, 2010 for all but small providers, which must comply by February 2, 2011.


Boris Jerkunica, CEO OF VOCALOCITY, INC. The FCC issued a Citation to provider of interconnected voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service for its apparent failure to make certain regulatory filings and associated payments relating to the Universal Service Fund (USF) and other administrative funds. (DA No. 10-913).

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