Friday, June 06, 2008

VoIP Summer Update

A couple of highlights for VoIP Providers today:

VoIP Most Expensive IT Service, OnForce Data Reveals

VoIP-related IT services cost on average 50 percent per hour more than other IT services, making it the most expensive IT service, according to a new quarterly benchmarking report from OnForce, the online marketplace for IT services professionals..... The average IT service work order value for VoIP is $449, compared with $282 for wiring and cabling and $210 for network and $197 for server work.

Fear of the Unknown is what blocks many business owners from moving to VoIP. [ask steve @ phone+]

Survey: Weak economy will bury landlines as mobile phones become ubiquitous

As the economy tightens further and smaller businesses (especially SOHO and sales offices) opt for cell phones only, what's a VoIP Provider to do? Well, find-me/follow-me is one thing and soft-phones that work on cell phones are another way. (Other ways here).

VoIP is all about productivity and efficiency -- or it should at least be sold that way.

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