Friday, June 06, 2008

Have You Filed CPNI?

This all started with the people selling phone records. The ILECs have always had CPNI rules to follow. Typically, agents had to follow them, but internal folks could browse away in BOCRIS (not CABS). Then the FCC decided to revamp the CPNI rules, when all they really had to do was ENFORCE them. So now more paperwork, more headaches.

Recently, VZ broke the CPNI rules. When customers were porting numbers to cablecos, VZ decided to slow the LNP process, while contacting the customer with a Winback promotion. The MSO complained to the FCC. The FCC has so far done NADDA. VZ's response was that the MSO's do it for TV. Not the same thing at all.

ISP-Planet has the letter Attorney Kris Twomey sent out to VoIP Providers and CLEC's last night. Have you filed a CPNI compliance statement?

ISP-Planet writes: "Fines so far: CBeyond was fined $255,000, AT&T was fined $355,000, and even small carriers are facing fines of $100,000."

File your CPNI Compliance letter today with the FCC.

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