Friday, June 06, 2008

TW Cable Metering

TimeWarner Cable is started a metering trial in Texas. (I wrote about it here) It has sparked a huge debate. Mark Cuban thinks that its great, because he needs his bandwidth and the hogs don't need P2P. (I think he wrote it to cause a commotion). Om thinks wrote: Why Tiered Broadband Is the Enemy of Innovation. In the US, we have paid the telcos about $2000 per person for broadband we do not have yet. But that doesn't mean anything to cable. (I was shocked at how many people only have one choice - cable - for broadband per comments pouring in on both blogs. And many folks think buying from a telco is a Good Thing. (Huh? Are they high?) I think that someone had to test the waters and TWC offered to, since Comcast has enough issues to deal with (DPI, bittorrent blocking, NebuAd+Congress).

Since many people only have on choice for broadband, the FCC was proposing to give away some spectrum to be used for free wireless broadband, but CTIA and lobbyists killed that idea.

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