Monday, January 28, 2008

The Sales Phone

Alltel is bundling the Blackberry with SalesNOW!

"SalesNOW is a contact and deal management tool specifically designed for use on the BlackBerry and Internet", according to the website and PR.

SalesNOW isn't the only CRM app available from Alltel. (see here for Blackberry and here for Windows)

Sprint probably has the most apps for mobile devices. Here's just one vertical, which includes CRM, workflow apps, dispatch and work tracking with GPS.

But CRM integration is every where.

Broadsoft announced that it has integrated with for CRM screen pops. Simple Signal, a Broadsoft powered VoIP Provider, has this API working. (I didn't see it. But that was the rumor at the TMC IT Expo last week in Miami Beach).

LignUp does some mashing of CRM with VoIP. (So did Visitar before it closed).

Even Verio offers SAAS in the form of SugarCRM, Accrisoft, and Microsoft Exchange 2007.

Do you want to be at the beginning of this wave or the end? It isn't the Dump Pipe! It's the productivity gains people can have with the pipe.

One more thought comes from Cisco, who is spent $3B on Webex last year, "has signed up with Jamcracker to deliver the WebEx WebOffice through the Jamcracker Services Delivery Network (JSDN)." [telecomweb] Yet one more big guy getting into the space.

Gary Kim writes that C3IP has integrated ACT! into its VoIP service. (Do you see a pattern here?)

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