Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Look at TowerStream

We last looked at TowerStream in August. They have been making some noise, so let's look at the 3Q07 numbers:

  • Average revenue per user (ARPU) of $694 from $669.
  • ARPU of new subscriber additions within the quarter of $879 down from $984.
  • Average revenue per trained sales agent of $1,067.
  • Expanded total sales force to 58.
  • Completed 180 seat sales center and training facility, ahead of schedule.
  • Revenue for 3Q2007 was $1,764,689.
  • Selling expenses was $1,049,907.
  • TowerStream noted increased tower expenses and bandwidth purchases.
  • As of 9/30/07, cash and cash equivalents were $44,655,987, long-term debt = $3.5M
  • source = TowerStream
TowerStream started selling 8MB for $999 in December. It resulted in 100 new contracts in December. The Vice President of Sales, Mel Yarbrough, said:

"During December more than 40 of our sales representatives produced revenue, which is an impressive accomplishment given that we only had 15 sales representatives when I joined Towerstream at the end of April 2007. We feel our recruiting process is targeting more experienced candidates resulting overall in more productive hires. This, coupled with a solid training program, enables our sales team to produce revenue more quickly than anytime in our history." "The first sales training class of 2008 will bring Towerstream's sales team to 100 representatives. By the end of Q1, Towerstream expects the sales team to grow to approximately 120 members." [reuters]

Now that will increase the selling expenses a bunch. Hopefully, sales can outpace expenses from both sales, installation, and support.

Gary Gary has a nice review of TowerStream's new 8MB "Metro Ethernet" service on his blog, IP Business.

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