Friday, October 12, 2007

Technology is not Strategy

In a countdown to speaking again at ISPCON next week in San Jose, I have been reading a great book: Fast Company: The Rules of Business. It has a chapter on Hiring that I will be quoting during that presentation. Here's a preview:

"How can you build a pipeline of talent - the only thing that's going to help you over time - if you put out a search only when you have a position to fill?" by Rusty Rueff, EVP of HR at Electronics Arts.

Chapter 9 is titled Technology is not a Strategy.

"Technology is not the answer. It can enable and support the corporate vision, but by itself, technology will not give you a competitive advantage.... Leaders today need to figure out how to do something with the technology that sets their company apart."

Jack and I will be doing 50 Ideas in 50 Minutes again - with a slightly different 50. Want to see it? Go to Slideshare. One of the thoughts that I have been working on with some other enterprises is summed up by the CEO of IBM:

"We have reached the point in our evolution where we can no longer be an industry driven by gizmos and guessing. We cannot grow this industry on that basis. Instead, we have to be driven by the needs of our clients." (Samuel Palmisano, chairman and CEO of IBM)

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