Thursday, October 18, 2007

What kind of Marketing is That?!

I sign up for a Webex or Gotomeeting webinar with ABC company -- and after the webinar get peppered with email and calls from these conferenecing companies to buy conferencing.

"I sent an email your way last week with links about WebEx solutions for business development professionals. I hope they sparked ideas about how you can easily meet online – within or outside firewalls, deliver engaging presentations or demonstrations, and help you do more business.
From my research, your company is in a great position to leverage web collaboration solutions. I would like to understand your business objectives and determine how WebEx can help you meet them.
Can we schedule a time for a brief discussion of your business needs? Please reply with a date and time that works for you."

What marketing genius came up with this plan? How to destroy your brand in 10 minutes or less. Spam attendees. Nice. If I sign up through ABC, I don't expect to get marketing from the underlying company. Did I give permission for that? If you are that desperate to sell conferencing maybe the market isn't there!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Web 2.0 actually = Web 1.51

You didn't agree. The non-revenue generating Web 1.51 company with whom you hoped to gain knowledge from have partnered with another non-revenue generating "Web 1.51.2" company.

Let's all remind ourselves that it's not 99 or 00 anymore. Actually doing stuff for $$ is the "NEW" name of the game.