Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Aloha to Mobile TV and 700

Ma Bell is set to acquire all of its 700 MHz spectrum holdings of Aloha. As Phone+ puts it: "AT&T Inc. has agreed to buy 12MHz of wireless spectrum in the 700MHz band from Aloha Partners LP for $2.5 billion, which may signal Aloha’s exit from the wireless space."

This would explain why just VZW was crying about the Open Access rules -- to the extent that VZW was allegedly breaking ex-parte rules at the FCC. This purchased has to be approved by the FCC first. Ma Bell hasn't said what they will do with it --- but you can bet it will be a closed system to be used by a locked down device.

If Sprint could get out of its own way -- and actually execute on the WiMax plan, it stands a great chance of getting back in the race, before Alltel or T-Mobile take its place.

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