Wednesday, July 18, 2007

AT&T, VZ, Vodafone - All Bout the Green

Lots of talk lately about Vodafone buying out the Verizon stake in Verizon Wireless. (Vodafone owns 45% of VZW). Vodafone wants VZW spun off to private equity like Alltel. It is estimated that VZW is worth about $48B; Alltel went for $27.5B. Alltel has 11M subscribers and is No. 5, after at&t, vzw, sprint, and t-mobile.

Andy has talk about Vodafone and AT&T buying each other (read it here). There has been noise about Vodafone buying its way into the US market (here). Vodafone could have bid on Alltel or T-Mobile (when T was up for sale).

The stickler is that without a wireless component, the wireline isn't all that appealing (look at Qwest). Most analysts say that the growth is in wireless (cellular) - voice and data. But even that is flattening out since everyone has a cell phone that can talk and afford one. (And if you can't afford one you get an Amp'ed phone and don't pay :)

But you and I are thinking business strategy. These jokers are only thinking about moving money and raising stock prices, cashing out, making themselves and their friends rich. It isn't about running a successful business, the consumers, the technology -- it's all about the Benjamins. Sad.

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