Wednesday, July 18, 2007

CEF Going Away

On NxT1 service, Sprint and at&t used to use CEF (Cisco Express Forwarding), which naturally uses a Cisco Router as the CPE. But at&t has announced that it is retiring CEF and will use MLPPP instead.
AT&Ts older network edge devices that support NxT1 with CEF are being retired. They are being replaced with new units that support MLPPP, but not CEF, so MIS Product Management will withdraw NxT1 using CEF beginning in August, 2007. MLPPP is a superior solution that bonds multiple T1s to provide the equivalent of a single fat pipe, whereas CEF only load-balanced between T1s. NxT1 is a lower priced alternative for customers compared to fractional DS-3 for speeds up to 12Mb (SxT1).

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