Wednesday, January 24, 2007

VOIP 2.0: Big Topics

The 2 big topics at the show: FMC and IMS.

FMC is fixed-mobile convergence. These are things like Cbeyond and Embarq (yes, Embarq) are doing, where the call can be cellular or landline. Just what most businesses are looking for to stay real-time with clients and vendors. Apparently, JNetx is the leader in that field.

IMS is short for IP Multimedia Subsystem, which is a fancy way of saying that the cellular companies use IMS to create their walled gardens. IMS is moving into the ILEC space, because IMS helps to deliver FMC. Also, "IMS will give network operators and service providers the ability to control and charge for individual services." The cell companies have had static ARPU for a few years now - they need the ARPU to increase to pay for landline losses and 3G/4G network build-out.

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