Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Innovative VoIP

Andy agrees that there isn't much in the way of innovation. There is lots in the way of cheap landline replacement, but not much in the way of Voice as a cool app. Here at the Internet Telephony show last night the 2 keynotes - Marc Zionts from Cantata & Todd Landry from Sphere - spoke about VoIP being about communication, presence, IM/chat, SMS, collaboration and fixed-mobile convergence. Marc also spoke about companies in other parts of the world selling add-ons (think ringtones) to the VoIP package.

  • One company sells background noise so you can convince your wife you really are at the airport :)
  • Then there is the in-call entertainment company.
  • Background music, sounds, ringtones, ring-throughs, on-hold music / messages.
  • SMS and IM through the same device (phone).

XML programmers using a platform like Cantata to do/create more. Differentiation will come from services, equipment, and strategic partners.

You will need Presence at work just to enable real-time communication with your fellow employees, vendors, partners and customers. Companies will need to be innovative - always giving your customers reasons to stay with you (not churn); buy more (increase ARPU); and your prospects reasons to join you (customer acquisition).

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